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Remote Online Notary And Traditional Notary

Most Florida residents are familiar with what a Florida Notary does and what notaries are used for. Most "official" documentation, certain applications, and affidavits will usually require a person to swear or affirm that what they have written or authorized to be written on their behalf in an application, form, testimony, sworn statement, of Affidavit, is true. Also, there are instances when you file a suit or other type of case in Florida courts that your suit or petition must be notarized.

A Florida Notary is an individual that has been authorized or commissioned by the State of Florida to certify oaths or affirmations, and Florida Notaries can even perform marriages. In a traditional sense, when you need to have paperwork notarized, you must be physically present before the Florida Notary and the notary must see you sign your oath or affirmation and ask if you swear or affirm that what you have put in your document is true. A traditional notary will also request to see your Florida State issued identification or other form of official identification, to confirm you are who you say you are, before notarizing your document. Florida notaries are also required to be insured to cover omissions, claims, or suits against them for possible actions due to a breach of duty.

The State of Florida also commissions Florida Remote Online Notaries. Not all Florida notaries are allowed or commissioned to be Remote Online Notaries. Remote Online Notaries must go through additional processes over and beyond what traditional notaries undergo, which include but may not be limited to: a two-hour Remote Online Training Course, additional insurance, and usage of state-of-the art online verification services.

Remote Online Notary capability is a fairly new process in the State of Florida, and only became law on January 1, 2020. Remote Online Notaries are different from traditional notaries because of they are legally authorized to notarize documentation and take oaths 100% online!

Here at Fair Price Legal, we are your 21st Century Law Firm. Fair Price Legal uses State of Florida approved technology to take your oath throughout the State of Florida, totally online! You may be in Pensacola, and we may be in Key West or vice versa (or anywhere in between), and Fair Price Legal will still legally notarize your documentation, take your oath of affirmation, and even get you married, totally online and in a virtual setting.