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A Tallahassee Based, Florida Focused, Life Planning Law Firm, Concentrating In What Matters Most To You: Timesharing With Your Child, Custody, Child Support, Divorce, Wealth Preservation, Marital Settlement Agreements, And More.
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Who We Are

The Benefit Of Choosing Fair Price Legal And What Sets Us Apart


Over a decade of assisting thousands of people, has allowed us to quickly assess your legal goals and concerns, and in many cases, create a reasonable flat fee so you can afford a highly experienced attorney by your side every step of the way.


We focus on providing the most aggressive legal representation available for a reasonable fee.


Our office is a 21st Century law firm, we modified our office to work mostly off-site and virtual to give you the best service without compromising quality and effectiveness.

At Fair Price Legal

Fair Price Legal focuses on providing our clients the best and most aggressive legal representation available for a reasonable fee. Fair Price Legal may be different from other Tallahassee area law offices because we concentrate on keeping client fees and costs low as opposed to focusing on billable hours. You may be asking, "okay, since Fair Price Legal isn't legal aid, pro bono, free or budget legal services, how are their fees or costs lower than other attorneys?" The answer is simple, if Fair Price Legal can keep its costs low, then it can pass those savings to its clients. Better service = happy clients = good business. "Fair because it's the right thing to do."